Diocese of Chelmsford
Multi Academy Trust Model

Chelmsford Diocese Education Trust (CDET)

The Chelmsford Diocese Educational Trust (CDET) is the Umbrella Trust set up by the DBE to provide a corporate body to represent it on Academy Trusts across the Diocese. Further information can be found here.

The Vine Schools Trust is a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) set up by the Diocese of Chelmsford.

St James’ CE Primary School is part of The Diocese of Chelmsford Vine Schools Trust.

The purpose of the Vine Schools Trust is to create a mutually supportive family of academies, holding within it both schools that choose to become converter academies and those seeking a sponsored solution.

The Vine Schools Trust was established in October 2013 as an independent not for profit company set up by the Chelmsford Diocesan Board of Education. The Vine is committed to the development of effective collaboration with and between academies and schools.

The Vine welcomes already-successful schools and looks forward to sharing in the best practice you bring with you. We will support you in maintaining any current partnerships and promote the development of new networks.

We believe that schools, beyond the family of Church of England schools, will be attracted to our values; everyone is welcome to join our family.

The Trust currently contains a mixture of both VA and VC Church Schools each of which is run by their own local governing body with powers delegated to them by the MAT board through what is termed 'Earned Autonomy'. In other words the more successful the school the more autonomy the governing body has. The Diocese wants good and outstanding schools to carry on the way they are going and are keen to allow them to continue with minimal interference. There are certain things that have to be consistent across the MAT because they exist as a single legal entity i.e. using the same finance software, but the aim is to allow schools to be themselves as much as possible.

The ideal is to produce a self supporting group of schools that share good practice, maximises development opportunities for staff, provides succession planning and delivers the best possible education for the pupils.

There is nothing to prevent the Vine Schools Trust from including Community schools should they wish to join without them having to change their character. Further information about the Vine Schools Trust can be found here.

St James’ CE Primary School Academy Consultation

This consultation document was sent to parents concerning the School’s plans to become an Academy:

Academy Conversion

The School converted to an Academy in March 2015 and the following letter was to sent to parents confirming this: